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Check if users are employing IP VPN, Proxy, or Tor connections with VPN & Proxy Detection API.

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Our IP VPN checker can help you know about the following connections:


Reinforce digital rights management

VPN users may attempt to bypass content access restrictions typically enabled by digital rights management (DRM) strategies and systems. Use the API to prevent subscribers from accessing or streaming content not intended for viewing in their countries.

Prevent fraud

Integrate VPN & Proxy Detection API into payment portals and processing systems to automatically detect fraudsters who may be using stolen customer identities and credentials for transactions.

Enhance traffic filtering

Weed out potentially dangerous users who may have bypassed your network’s built-in protections via IP spoofing using a VPN, proxy, or Tor connection.

Avoid free trial abuse and fake
account signups

Freemium abusers may spoof IP addresses so registration portals that track subscribers via their IPs cannot catch them. Use an IP VPN checker to identify masked IP addresses.

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